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We offer a wide variety of flavors through out the year of jams, fruit sy​rups,  specialty foods and decadent meal mixes. They are convenient, fast and easy to use most importantly Delicious.

Our Story


We began a small produce stand offering seasonal fruits and vegetables. Today we have transformed into an orchard and berry farm, So we  can offer the best quality and freshness possible in our products from vine to table

Our Mission


Our mission is to help to  you feel in control of your busy schedule by making your meals easier and faster, convenient with high quality and most important delicious..

About Us


The MacDonald Family

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Our story

I got the gardening bug from my dads side of the family. My grandpa was a huge gardener and my dad has always had the love for it; so naturally as I got older my love for gardening became more of a life style. 

I got the jist of how to make jam by watching  my mom growing up. So when I got older Recipe books became a staple reading material. Then the experiments.. what will taste good together.  The never ending question.

Several years later I met the most wonderful man I could ever ask for. He asked me what my dream was I said to have a large enough garden to supply  enough produce to have a small store to sell and make jams and syrups and anything else I can 

think of . Months later he proposed  and with in a year we where married.  He looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes and said I want to make your dreams come true.

 We have been married 2 year and our business is booming.. 

The man of my dreams made my dreams come true.